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The Great American cannabis experiment

Cannabis is legal in many U.S. states… or is it? The contradictions between state and federal law are intensifying.



Why we don’t know much about pot

Federal restrictions hamper research on marijuana — and inspire clever workarounds, like "Cannavans."


  Welcome to the Cannabis issue

Federal law says marijuana is illegal. Will it stay that way? Our special report on Cannabis in America.



Stop the “green rush”

7 reasons to think twice about legalizing pot

By Jane Wells



How lobbyists broke the logjam on cash and cannabis

By and



The Dis-United States of Cannabis

What's legal where? An interactive guide.

By and



The new weed on the block

The growing popularity of hemp is both easing — and complicating — the debate over cannabis.



“We have to take the handcuffs off states.”

Meet the Ohio Republican who's become a champion for legalization.


  Cannabis was supposed to be a tax windfall for states. The reality has been different.

It turns out it’s complicated to tax a commodity that used to be illegal.



Everything you wanted to know about cannabis

A POLITICO guide to cannabis terminology.


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Source: https://www.politico.com/agenda/cannabis

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