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Cannabis Industry Lobbying: Are There Better Uses For These Dollars?

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Cannabis Industry Lobbying: Are There Better Uses For These Dollars?

2019-09-09 Jeff Nielson TSI Exclusive

As a new legal industry, it’s not surprising that the cannabis industry is (belatedly) investing in federal lobbying initiatives in the United States. An article from MJBizDaily addresses this.  

. The phrase “big spenders” is a relative term here.   The marijuana industry has spent about $2 million so far this year lobbying for federal cannabis reform in Washington DC, and more than half that money has come from individual MJ-related companies.

. Two million dollars is mere pocket change for Corporate America. Tobacco products , more than all other legal and illegal recreational drugs combined. Tobacco products are generating 10 times as many deaths as the Opioid Crisis. How are these products still even legal?

Answer: Big Tobacco greases a lot of palms.

So far this year (up until July 24, 2019), tobacco companies have dished out in lobbying expenditures. Big Tobacco averages more than $20 million per year of such spending. That’s basically ten times what is being spent by the emerging cannabis industry.

Keep in mind that the tobacco industry is a mature industry. It has been around (and killing people) for well over a century. There is no more “educating” taking place here. Big Tobacco is simply paying (politicians) for a license to kill people.

Cannabis is not only a brand-new industry, but thanks to a century of Prohibition-era anti-cannabis propaganda, there is an enormous need to educate people on this substance. And no one needs more “educating” on cannabis than

Source: https://theseedinvestor.com/cannabis-focus/cannabis-industry-lobbying-are-there-better-uses-for-these-dollars

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