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Cannabis Industry Letter: Legalize And Regulate Cannabis To Address Vaping Issue

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Cannabis Industry Letter: Legalize and Regulate Cannabis to Address Vaping Issue

2019-10-03 TSI Reporter The Seed Investor

The cannabis industry has united to send a strong message to Washington with respect to the health issue with tainted vaping products. The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) has to both House and Senate leaders.   More than 800 cannabis industry leaders have signed onto a letter urging Congress to deschedule marijuana to mitigate the risks associated with vaping products obtained on the illicit market.

. The clamor continues to grow. The outbreak of respiratory illnesses (and deaths) in the United States was the result of a massive

Black market products. Poorly regulated additives and manufacturing processes.

How do you address a public safety problem with a (popular) black market product? You legalize the product so that it can be properly regulated.

How do you address a public health issue arising from faulty regulation? Beef-up the regulatory framework.

It’s not rocket science. The Seed Investor when we first began to cover the health issue surrounding tainted vape pens. So why are we not hearing this from more of the U.S. political leaders, at both the federal and state level?

Instead, what we’re seeing/hearing from many politicians is Banning legal vape products goes in the opposite direction. It forces consumers to conduct their commerce in the unregulated black market.  

Source: https://theseedinvestor.com/cannabis-news/cannabis-industry-letter-legalize-and-regulate-cannabis-to-address-vaping-issue

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