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Cannabis Edible Sales Jump As People Enjoy Cannabis In Alternate Ways

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Cannabis Edible Sales Skyrocket As People Chose Alternate Way to Enjoy Cannabis

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More people than ever are choosing to try cannabis by eating it rather than smoking it. While always popular, cannabis edibles such as gummies have now become the preferred way of enjoying marijuana for many people.

The trend, which existed long before 2020, took off during the isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic that swept the nation. Consumers now have a wide variety of edibles to choose from, giving them plenty of options beyond brownies and gummies (although plenty still prefer them over anything else).

Edibles sales are up in many areas. For example, Michigan saw cannabis edibles sales increase 14% in 2020. Sales across the U.S. are expected to reach $3 billion. Part of the reason for increased edible use is that people are grouped together during the pandemic and don’t want to smoke, according to people interviewed by The New York Times. But it’s a trend that, pandemic or not, was going to happen, anyway.

A More Health-Conscious Choice

For many people, choosing not to smoke marijuana feels like a better overall health choice because they do not have to tolerate the smoke produced from a joint or bong. Vince Ning, founder and CEO of cannabis distributor Nabis, told the Times that the trend toward cannabis edibles may be the result of such “health-conscious” consumerism.

Source: https://www.dispensaries.com/blog/cannabis-edible-sales-skyrocket/

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