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Cannabis Companies Can Leverage Tiktok, Clubhouse, Other Social Media Platforms

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Cannabis companies can leverage TikTok, Clubhouse, other social media platforms

Published 4 seconds ago | By Kendra Losee

(Editor’s note: This story is part of a recurring series of commentaries from professionals connected to the cannabis industry. Kendra Losee is the founder of Mota Marketing, a California-based cannabis-centric marketing agency.)

In the past year, several new social media platforms have exploded into the market and are making a big impact on the cannabis space.

Let’s dive in and see how cannabis companies are using these platforms, and how you can get the most out of the time you spend on them.


The most cannabis-friendly of the new platforms is Clubhouse. It initially launched only for iOS users but is expanding to Android users quickly.

In a world where most events have been canceled or moved online, this audio-only platform has the unique ability to quickly make connections with others in our industry and around the world.

It gives users an opportunity to easily reach new audiences, build their brand and connect.

There are always conversations going on in clubhouses and rooms on any cannabis topic, from finding investors, starting a cannabis business, to plant genetics, cannabis influencers of color.

Alternatively, you can drop into a smoke sesh room.

What makes Clubhouse unique:

Clubhouse is an audio-only platform that does not include any direct messages or written communication. You can host a room and moderate who speaks, or you can jump into different rooms, listen in and raise your hand to speak if the hosts are allowing an open-mic style.

Source: https://mjbizdaily.com/cannabis-companies-can-leverage-tiktok-clubhouse-other-social-media-platforms/

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