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Cannabis Chocolates, Candies And Mints Now Available At Alberta Shops

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Cannabis Chocolates, Candies and Mints Now Available at Alberta Shops

January 13, 2020

The era of legal cannabis edibles has arrived in Calgary’s retail outlets.

Some dispensaries received their first shipments of pot-infused treats Monday from distributor Alberta Gaming Liquor Cannabis, bringing with them hopes of a renewed surge in business.

“I hope it brings more customers in who haven’t tried it,” said Mylann Doell, manager of the Queen of Bud at 1717 10th Ave. S.W.

The products, she said, have been heavily anticipated by customers.

The long wait for edibles ended with the initial offering of cannabis edibles, extracts and...

It features CBD oil cocktails....

Next month’s event, the first of its kind hosted by the city, will help inform...

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Source: https://www.cannabisculture.com/content/2020/01/13/cannabis-chocolates-candies-and-mints-now-available-at-alberta-shops/

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