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Cannabis Canada: New Brunswick Identifies Eight Bidders For Province’s Pot Business - Article

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U.S. pot firms increasingly looking overseas to obtain cannabis for research or scientific purposes 

Cannabis firms in the U.S. are increasingly looking to import pot earmarked for research or scientific purposes after encountering difficulties finding a suitable domestic supply. Bloomberg News reports that California-based Biopharmaceutical Research legally imported cannabis from Dutch producer Bedrocan International in order to better understand the plant, but did so after failing to find a similar product within the U.S. Due to the federal illegality of cannabis, researchers have access to only one government-approved farm at the University of Mississippi that grows pot for scientific purposes. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration said in August it plans to look at proposals for new regulations for growing marijuana for scientific and medical research, but those initiatives have stalled in recent months.

Turns out most pot executives’ forecasts aren’t much better than flipping a coin

Source: https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/cannabis-canada-new-brunswick-identifies-eight-bidders-for-province-s-pot-business-1.1373247

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