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Cannabis Beverages In Canada Won’t Pop € New Cannabis Ventures

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. Cannabis Beverages in Canada Won’t Pop

January 14, 2020 at 11:01 am

Published by NCV Newswire

Guest post by Marc Solby,  founder of Lighthouse Consulting

On the eve of Cannabis 2.0 in Canada, with the addition of edibles and beverages, investors and producers are excited by the potential growth. With the rock star alliances between major brewers and Licensed Producers, the level of investment and the hype you would think that it is a big deal. It’s not.

First let’s consider a critical regulation: The container cannot contain more than 10mg of THC. So, whether it is a wine bottle or a skinny can or a tetra Pak juice box, it has the same kick. Which is to say, not that much.

For perspective, pre-rolls are commonly half a gram (500 mg). If they contain potency of 20% then you are holding a joint with 100mg of THC versus your beverage with one tenth of that. It’s not all perfectly equivalent, and it is a personal choice on how much and how you choose to ingest, but having 10mg of THC has a material impact on what the Producer can charge for the serving. The retail price in Colorado for a 10mg serving is around $CDN 6.50 and of course it is a significant premium to flower.

While drinks may be a premium product and brand power can drive premium pricing (think Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops Cannabis bev), regulations have shut that door as well. There will be no cross-branding with alcohol brands or breweries.

Source: https://www.newcannabisventures.com/cannabis-beverages-in-canada-wont-pop/

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