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Canada: Montreal Police Seize More Than $70,000 Worth Of Contraband Cannabis And Cigarettes

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Four people have been arrested and more than $70,000 worth of contraband cannabis and cigarettes was seized from an apartment in Anjou by the Montreal police department’s anti-contraband division.

The investigation was launched last autumn and involved a series of surveillance and tailing operations that allowed police to determine various sites in Anjou used by the suspects. Raids conducted last Wednesday on an apartment as well as three other locations saw police seize three kilograms of contraband cannabis, 55 grams of hashish as well as vials of hashish oil with a total value of more than $30,000.

More at https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/montreal-police-seize-more-than-70000-worth-of-contraband-cannabis-and-cigarettes

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Source: https://wakeandbakedaily.com/canada-montreal-police-seize-more-than-70000-worth-of-contraband-cannabis-and-cigarettes/

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