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California: Humboldt County Public Health Officer Says Cannabis Farm Is Source Of Coronavirus Outbreak

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Emerald Triangle publication Redheaded Blackbelt is reporting that a cannabis farm is the source of a CIVID-19 Cluster in Humboldt

Yesterday,(24 June 2020)  Dr. Teresa Frankovich, the Humboldt County Public Health Officer, continued her policy of not releasing information about even patient details that would seem to still leave the patients unidentifiable to the community. She would not confirm that information we received independently was correct. However, we have learned from an anonymous source that the nine additional COVID-19 positive cases which were confirmed yesterday were connected to one Southern Humboldt cannabis farm but those infected did not reside (or at least most did not reside) in the Southern Humboldt area.

Frankovich said in the video we posted early this morning, “As you know, we don’t comment on, you know, particular infections in specific workplaces unless it’s relevant to public safety.”

6 We’re being told that group of people tested positive for COVID-19 in Southern Humboldt today and all are connected to a single cannabis farm. Is that true and if so, is the farm legal? – Are the people testing positive from Humboldt County? from California? from out of state? Or from international areas such as Mexico? – At this point do we have a sense of how widely they traveled in Humboldt? – Will they show up as if they are from Southern Humboldt in the location results the County puts out for COVID-19 tests if they live elsewhere? – Can you address your concerns with the cannabis community?

Source: https://cannabislaw.report/california-humboldt-county-public-health-officer-says-cannabis-farm-is-source-of-coronavirus-outbreak/

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