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California Cannabis Control Summit April 22-23 2020

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California Cannabis Control Summit April 22-23 2020

Working in CA?

A must attend as one of the big learning experiences to come out of CA is keep an eye on what the bureaucracy are doing, however badly. It’ll save you money time and plenty of headaches.

Registration is now open for the California Cannabis Control Summit! Now in its second year, the California Cannabis Control Summit focuses solely on the public sector and how local officials can effectively tackle the challenges that come with regulation and enforcement of the illicit cannabis and recreational cannabis markets in California. The California Cannabis Control Summit provides government officials and law enforcement agencies with resources and knowledge to enable them to establish and maintain an effective policy structure. Don’t miss out on this one‑of‑a‑kind event designed specifically for California municipalities regulating or considering regulating cannabis.

Participating Organizations Bureau of Cannabis Control California Department of Tax and Fee Administration City of Chula Vista City of Fresno City of Long Beach City of Sacramento City of Santa Rosa City of West Hollywood County of Santa Barbara Department of Consumer Affairs Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development Sacramento Fire Department San Francisco Planning Department San Diego Police Department


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