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Brazil: Judge Authorizes São Paulo Patients’ Association To Grow Cannabis

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This month, the Court of Justice of São Paulo, Brazil, authorized members of the NGO Cultive – Cannabis and Health Association to plant cannabis and produce medicines extracted from plants. This is an unprecedented collective Habeas Corpus , which protects 21 patients from being arrested or having their plants and equipment seized by the Civil and Military police. Brazil thus surpasses the level of hundreds of exceptional judicial authorizations for self-cultivation for medicinal purposes.

Article originally published in the magazine Cannabis & Health , by Marcus L. Bruno, journalist and collaborator of Cannareporter in Brazil

Cultive was founded by Cidinha and Fabio Carvalho from São Paulo. They found in 2013 that cannabis could alleviate the symptoms of daughter Dravet’s syndrome Clárian, a disease that causes epileptic seizures and delayed psychomotor development. In 2016, the family won a Habeas Corpus to plant and produce the medication for the girl. Since then, Cidinha has become a medical cannabis activist, with a strong presence in Brasilia. Throughout these years, Cultive has promoted several cultivation courses for its patients, while fighting in court for the right won in the last week.

Read full report:  https://cannareporter.eu/2021/02/22/juiza-autoriza-associacao-de-pacientes-de-sao-paulo-a-cultivar-canabis/?mc_cid=658ed958e6&mc_eid=ffca6542f9

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Source: https://cannabislaw.report/brazil-judge-authorizes-sao-paulo-patients-association-to-grow-cannabis/

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