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Bitfinex Announces Cardano’s Ada Listing Following Successful Shelley Upgrade

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In a press release shared with U.Today, the Cardano Foundation announced that its native cryptocurrency. ADA, is finally going to be listed on the major global exchange, Bitfinex.

The team also spread the word about it on their Twitter page.

Image via Twitter ADA/USD trading to kick off later today

The press release says that trading ADA-based pairs will start later today, August 6. It will begin with three spot trading pairs: ADA/BTC, ADA/USD and ADA/USDT.

By opening access to ADA via USD, Bitfinex promises to become one of the easiest platforms on which to buy ADA without having to purchase any other crypto.

Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino has called the listing of ADA a major natural step for the company since they have always wanted to offer ADA to their customers.

Cardano rolls out Shelley hard fork

About a week ago, on July 31, Cardano finally rolled out the long-awaited Shelley code upgrade. This hard fork opens the way for the adoption of smart contracts, dapps and full decentralization in the future.

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson stated that, after Shelley, ADA will be the best cryptocurrency out there since it will finally be able to offer users what Bitcoin promised initially but never delivered on.


Cardano Score May Be Updated, Weiss Ratings Says, on the Following Terms

Weiss Ratings on Cardano’s Shelley

As reported by U.Today on Thursday, the Weiss Crypto Ratings agency also commented on this event.

Its analyst stated that the rollout of Shelley has not changed the high rating given to Cardano by the agency. However, if Cardano achieves increased usage and gets its fundamentals improved thanks to Shelley, then the platform’s rating is likely to be updated.

Source: https://u.today/bitfinex-announces-cardanos-ada-listing-following-successful-shelley-upgrade

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