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Ben Temer, Connecting The Dots Between Cannabis And Judaism

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Ben Temer, Source: IJCA

We caught up with Temer ahead of the launch of the IJCA’s new chapter in Los Angeles – to hear more about the organization’s origins, how they win over skeptics and cannabis’ roots in Judaism.

One of the catchiest, silliest (and, if we’re being honest here, most insufferable) songs I’ve ever heard in my life was embedded in my brain during years of Jewish summer camp and Sunday school. It’s called “Wherever You Go, there’s Always Someone Jewish,” and it celebrates – surprise – the fact that Jews do in fact live all over the world.

I’ve been blessed to have forgotten about the song in recent years, but I was reminded of it again this week after I spoke to Ben Temer, the co-founder of the International Jewish Cannabis Association (IJCA).

Since 2016, the organization, which Temer created with his wife, Dr. Anya Temer, has sought, with substantive success, to celebrate Jews’ connection to cannabis, wherever they may be, and to bring more Jewish people around the world into the ever-growing cannabis community.

The IJCA has a handful of additional objectives: to break down stigmas around cannabis in the Jewish community, to teach members about Jews’ long history with cannabis and to create networking opportunities for members through chapters around the country.

Source: https://lacannabisnews.com/ben-temer-connecting-the-dots-between-cannabis-and-judaism/

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