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New Senate Cannabis Strategy Floated (newsletter: April 27, 2021)

Knowing that it'll be hard to get 60 votes to pass legalization, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer seems open to attaching the issue to reconciliation bill that would need majority — option that is being pushed by cannabis reform groups. which…

The Biggest Event In Crypto This Week Isn’t Coinbase’s Listing: Erik Voorhees

ShapeShift CEO and Erik Voorhees has suggested that the launch of ThorChain is the crypto this week.. And considering all eyes crypto are on the direct listing of United States exchange Coinbase on Nasdaq on Wednesday, that's big claim…

How To Raise Funds For Your Business Using Blockchain Technology

HR Departments started to ask for minimum of experience, even for entry-level jobs, so lot of graduates found themselves needing to start their own order to have something to work. Plus, you need to already have percent of the order to get the…

Crypto Lobby Groups Are Gaining Traction In Washington As The Threat Of Regulatory Bottleneck Looms

The industry is looking to shed the association between digital assets and crime as the threat of oversight looms.. 4774 Total views 19 Total shares. The Blockchain Association, industry trade group representing crypto firms, has added 10 members…