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Al House Filibusters Medical Cannabis (newsletter: May 5, 2021)

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AG Garland talks marijuana; KS medical cannabis bill advances to floor; IA asks DEA for federal marijuana guarantees

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Attorney General Merrick Garland reiterated during a House hearing that he does not think going after people who use marijuana in compliance with state laws is a good use of Justice Department resources.

A Senate-passed medical cannabis bill got filibustered on the floor of the Alabama House of Representatives. A small number of opponents ran out the clock on the legislative day so that a vote could not be held, but supporters hope it will be brought back up on Thursday. The Kansas House Federal and State Affairs Committee amended and approved a medical cannabis bill. Advocates are hopeful it can pass the legislature within the next few days as part of the veto session. The Iowa Department of Public Health formally requested that the Drug Enforcement Administration and other federal agencies guarantee protections for the state’s medical cannabis program participants after Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) was sued by an activist over her administration’s inaction. / FEDERAL

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