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Information is the key

Grower News is a news aggregation service that scans stories about the Cannabis Industry from different news outlets using the Semantic Juice engine.

Every article is analyzed and then organized into categories:

  • Cryptocurrency: all stories where cryptocurrencies are mentioned, including cannabis-friendly blockchains.
  • Growing: everything related to growing cannabis (tutorials, guides, tips, first-hand experiences, products, etc.)
  • Health: researchers, doctors, medicine and treatment info and treatment, etc.
  • Industry: reports, retail info, supplier/consumer info, jobs, companies and everything in the Cannabis industry.
  • Learning/training: tutorials, guides and how-tos, charts, etc.
  • Lifestyle/culture: cannabis usage in popular culture, mentions by celebrities, movies/TV shows, etc.
  • Politics: basically everything related to the laws around the cannabis industry.
  • Products and strains: all kind of announcements about products and services being released for the cannabis industry.
  • Technology: advancements in science, Fintech, jobs, organizations and supply chains.

Also, every article is imbued with hashtags relative to the assigned category.

We pay respect to the authors

All sources are mentioned on each article, and we stick to excerpts to prevent breaking copyright laws.

We also take proper steps when an article is reported or wanted to be taken down.

Our visitors are important for us

Every article can be rated, and everyone can leave comments without needing to register an account on our website.

Feel free to look around and interact with our systems.

If you need to contact us, you can do it through our contact form.