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A Global History Of Weed And Sex

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A global history of weed and sex

Colleen Fisher Tully February 13, 2020

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. Whether smoked, ingested, inserted or smeared all over the body, many cultures over thousands of years have used cannabis in conjunction with sex. While today’s scientists (and, by extension, business owners) are eager to add “aphrodisiac” to cannabis’s many health benefits, the results— while positive—remain inconclusive. Vancouver Island-based sex therapist Kim Switnicki suggests the intentions set while using cannabis have a lot to do with whether it makes sex better, or not. “If it works, great! But is it really cause and effect? Is it any different from other intentions, such as looking into each other’s eyes,” she asks. “If you vape to have better sex, you’re setting an intention already.”

She says the same thing applied in ancient times, when drugs and herbs were used in ceremonial rituals that ultimately ended with sex. “Again, maybe there was something in the substance, but the ritual aspect is similar to intention.”

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. What we do know is humans the world over have been mixing cannabis with carnal activity for millennia. Here are just some examples of ancestral ceremony, sex, and euphoria: Ancient Rome

Source: https://www.leafly.com/news/lifestyle/global-history-of-weed-and-sex

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