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8 Must-have Apps For Cannabis Entrepreneurs

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Technology 8 Must-Have Apps for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

As the cannabis industry continues to expand, mobile apps are springing up to help entrepreneurs run their businesses more efficiently.

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Paulette Ely

Guest Writer

Freelance Writer

October 4, 2019 5 min read

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In an app-happy world, it should come as no surprise that there are thousands devoted to cannabis. (There’s even a Tinder equivalent for tokers.) But what are the mobile applications that should be on every ganjapreneur’s smartphone? Here’s a list of seven apps worth downloading today.



A true OG of the industry, Weedmaps was one of the first to offer reliable information on where to get the goods, be it at medical or recreational dispensaries or through delivery services. But Weedmaps has evolved beyond its reputation as just a “Yelp for pot.” The handy “Brands” tab allows the user to browse through products, giving breakdowns on where to buy, price, and the THC percentage. Weedmaps also offers social forums and sections such as “Weedmaps TV,” “Learn,” and “News” to help keep you informed. Download



Source: https://www.greenentrepreneur.com/article/340314

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