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72% Of Canadian Cannabis Users Say They Don't Fit 'stoner' Stereotype

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A recent survey of Canadian cannabis users found 72 percent don’t believe they fit the ‘stoner’ stereotype, according to the poll conducted by cannabis brand Figr and market researcher Maru/Blue outlined by the Peace River Record Gazette.

The vast majority of consumers from Ontario and British Columbia – 90 percent and 87 percent respectively – said the stoner stereotype was outdated, along with 66 percent of those from Alberta.

The survey found that 43 percent of respondents prefer to purchase cannabis online via company websites and those run by provincial corporations.

About seven out of 10 Canadians (71 percent) said that outdoor activities would be enhanced while using cannabis, including walks (44 percent), camping (43 percent), and hiking (33 percent). Another 78 percent polled said cannabis made them feel relaxed, while 69 percent described being under the influence of cannabis as calm, 55 percent described it as happy, 35 percent said they felt productive, and 25 percent said consuming cannabis made them energized. 35 percent of respondents said cannabis helps them do household chores, including 51 percent of females surveyed.

Source: https://www.ganjapreneur.com/72-of-canadian-cannabis-users-say-they-dont-fit-stoner-stereotype/

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