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7 Cannabis Strains That Pair Perfectly With Your Fall Festivities

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7 cannabis strains that pair perfectly with your fall festivities

Brett Konen October 4, 2019


Brilliant fall colors have replaced summer greens, seasonal produce overflows from roadside stands, and every possible product is now available in pumpkin spice flavor, from Pop Tarts to dog treats to Jell-O ( seriously).

Honestly, most cannabis strains are lovely year-round, but there are a certain few that seem particularly tailor-made to autumnal vibes and the season’s pursuits. Search out one or all of our seven picks below, then get out there and live your best fall life to the fullest.

Aroma and flavor | Berries, dirt, and gasoline—like pulling up in an old pickup truck at a farmers market.

Experience | Joyous and giggly, with a tension-melting body high.

What you need it for | Riding shotgun on a foliage-chasing day drive with your best friends.

Intake | Flower vape.

Aroma and flavor | Fresh-juiced citrus with a spritz of skunk.

Experience | Floats the mind up into clouds of creativity, even as the body basks in a high like autumnal sunshine.

What you need it for | DIYing the greatest Halloween costume of all time.

Intake | A goldilocks dab (carefully scooped to juuust the right size).

Aroma and flavor | Skunky and pungent, but far from unpleasant.

Experience | Begins with a tingling in the head, and slowly spreads down in a wave of warmth to your fingertips and toes.

What you need it for | A crisp, frosty early-morning walk (with or without a pup).

Intake | Hand-rolled joint.

Aroma and flavor | Notes of citrus zest and brown sugar.

Source: https://www.leafly.com/news/strains-products/weed-strains-for-fall-activities

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