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5 Proven Strategies For Scaling Your Cannabis Startup

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Masters of Scale 5 Proven Strategies for Scaling Your Cannabis Startup

How to grow from a small, fledgling business to a profitable one.

Erin Gore

Guest Writer

CEO | Founder of Garden Society

September 10, 2019 6 min read

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The cannabis business is going through growing pains in real-time. As everyone on the cannapreneur journey knows, these pains come from both self-inflicted startup situations, and from regulatory tension in an ever-evolving industry.

For the past three years, I’ve been on a quest to listen and learn from those who’ve been here before, and to connect with those who are on the same path now. We’re literally building a new business and a new industry at the same time. 

From my interviews, research, and first-hand experience, I’ve learned that successfully scaling a company comes down to five elements that, when focused upon, can drive a cannabis startup to its full potential across this heavily regulated burgeoning market.

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1. Improve efficiencies 

Source: https://www.greenentrepreneur.com/article/339291

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