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5 Best Countries To Visit For Your €cannabis” Vacations

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Cannabis Vacations for Weed Users: A breakdown of some of the top five world destinations with legalized use of marijuana and a culture of recreational drug use.

Cannabis tourism is thriving as more and more countries are becoming weed-friendly. Cannabis vacation is a unique travel experience to acquire cannabis for recreational purposes. Whether you are curious about the plant or seeking to indulge in some, various countries have a curated tour for you to take on. 

The provision of cannabis differs everywhere, and so does the experience. Some places have it subtle while some are entirely open about it. When embarking on a cannabis exploration, the tours won’t only be an experience of a lifetime, but it will also educate you about the herb and the plant. At the same time, you will have a well relaxed, and easy-going, rested vacation. You can plan your holiday through various websites. 

These websites provide cannabis-centric services from stay, tours, to supply of cannabis. Here is a list of five countries where cannabis tourism is raging:

    1. Netherlands

The Netherlands is an obvious destination for your cannabis vacation. The country has widely popular and one of the oldest coffee shops on the planet. And these “coffee shops” are known for their specialty in the sale of weed. Luckily the Dutch Law condones it; however, the plant is not legal. Shocker, right? But there is no need to fret; you can safely walk around the town with 5g of cannabis. 

Source: https://420intel.com/articles/2019/10/07/5-best-countries-visit-your-%E2%80%9Ccannabis%E2%80%9D-vacations

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