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What Is Enjin Coin ?- Updated For 2020

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The world of cryptocurrency investing is the new-new thing attracting millions of dollars. However, the factors that determine the success of a cryptocurrency require no new-new thinking.

Cryptocurrency investors sometimes use the tried-and-tested investment processes which can be distilled into a tidy little abbreviation: POPER – Problem, Opportunity, Plan, Experience, Results.

The POPER way of analyzing a project seeks to answer critical questions: What Problem is the company solving? Is the Opportunity big enough?  Is the Plan to solve the problem good enough? Does the team have the Experience to carry out the plan? How will Results be measured?

The Enjin Coin project is one that sets out its whitepaper in a “POPER” format, but before we take a look at how well or not the project rocks the POPER, It’s important to understand the value of Enjin before assessing the potential success or failure of Enjin coin.

Enjin Homepage Since its creation in 2009, Enjin has grown into one the largest online gaming community creation platforms, providing users with tools to build community, clan, and guild websites (think WordPress for gaming).

The Enjin platform has experienced rapid growth, with about 18.7 million registered gamers who have spent millions of dollars per month in virtual goods across Enjin’s community stores.

Enjin Coin Helping the World of Gaming Create, Manage, Trade Virtual Goods Across Platforms

Enjin created Enjin coin (ENJ), to give game publishers, communities, and game creators tools to create and manage virtual goods and in-game items across multiple platforms.

Source: https://blokt.com/guides/what-is-enjin-coin

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