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Illinois Cannabis Sales Top $47 Million In June

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Illinois Cannabis Sales Top $47 Million in June

June now holds the record for the highest sales figures in the state.


News State by State: Illinois

Illinois’ cannabis sales reached over $47.6 million in June, which now holds the record for the highest sales figures in the state, according to a Daily Herald report.

Dispensaries sold 994,545 items last month with customers spending $48 on average per sale before tax, the news outlet reported.

The Illinois Department of Revenue is expected to release tax figures later this month, but reported that May’s cannabis taxes and associated sales taxes generated $12.5 million in revenue, according to the Daily Herald.

Illinois has collected $52.7 million in cannabis tax revenue to date, the news outlet reported, which has surpassed budget estimates of $28 million.

Cannabis sales have topped $239 million since adult-use sales launched Jan. 1, according to the Daily Herald.

Cresco Labs concentrates sold at Sunnyside.

Hayleigh Criss | Cresco Labs Comms

Cannabis Companies Prepare For 710 Sales

Producers and retailers aim to meet the demand of experienced customers on 7/10 or OIL Day, and maybe find some new ones.


While April 20 is known internationally as a day to celebrate everything cannabis with parties, sales and other events, a lesser-known cannabis holiday is emerging as an opportunity to educate consumers about products beyond flower. 

Source: https://www.cannabisbusinesstimes.com/article/illinois-cannabis-sales-top-47-million-in-june/

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