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Marijuana Policy Project Teams Up With Naacp & Houseplant’s Seth Rogen And Evan Goldberg To Discuss War On Drugs

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Reimagining Justice: Race, Cannabis, & Policing Event to Address how the Legalization of Cannabis Could Help Justice Reform

Washington – Marijuana Policy Project, the largest organization in the U.S. focused solely on enacting humane cannabis laws, is launching its “Reimagining Justice” Initiative on July 15. The event will take a deeper look at Race, Cannabis and Policing in America with an afternoon of thoughtful discussion amongst America’s leading civil rights and cannabis activists, including former NBA star Al Harrington and Canadian cannabis entrepreneurs and Houseplant co-founders, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

MPP The Marijuana Policy Project is the nation’s largest cannabis policy organization playing played a leading role in most major state-level reforms that have occurred over the past two decades.

“As our country grapples with how to address criminal justice and policing reform, it is of the utmost importance to include cannabis legalization in the discussion. For decades, cannabis criminalization has disproportionately harmed Black and Brown lives and has served as a pretext for countless police stops, some of which end with fatality. While cannabis legalization is not the cure-all to end oppressive policing, it is necessary and would provide an opportunity to shift policing away from the failed drug war and towards community healing,” said Steve Hawkins, Executive Director of the Marijuana Policy Project.

Source: https://tnmnews.com/us-marijuana-news/featured-news/marijuana-policy-project-teams-up-with-naacp-houseplants-seth-rogen-and-evan-goldberg-to-discuss-war-on-drugs/

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