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Cannabis Companies Prepare For 710 Sales

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Cannabis Companies Prepare For 710 Sales

Producers and retailers aim to meet the demand of experienced customers on 7/10 or OIL Day, and maybe find some new ones.


While April 20 is known internationally as a day to celebrate everything cannabis with parties, sales and events, a lesser known cannabis holiday is emerging as an opportunity to educate consumers about products beyond flower. 

This Friday, July 10, is known as  7/10 Day or Oil Day, and  has become an industry holiday to honor cannabis concentrates like shatter and rosin. (710, when flipped 180 degrees spells, OIL) 7/10 or OIL Day does not have the awareness or huge number of sales of 4/20, but concentrate producers and sellers still prepare weeks in advance.

Jonathan Spadafora, a partner and the head of marketing and sales for Veritas, a Colorado-based wholesale cannabis producer, said though the concentrate market is not as sizable as that for flower or vapes, concentrate consumers are passionate about their intake method and appreciate OIL Day.

“The 7/10 holiday drives a tremendous amount of attention. It is not as big a holiday as 4/20, but I would argue the fans, the people who celebrate 7/10, are often more rabid,” Spadafora said. “420 is an easy thing for a lot of people to get involved with. 7/10 is more of a consumer-driven holiday for people who hash is a very big part of their lives. The [increase in] demand we see around 7/10 is significant.”

Source: https://www.cannabisbusinesstimes.com/article/cannabis-companies-710-holiday-concentrates/

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