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Expect The Best: 6 Tips For Vetting Edibles Vendors

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6 Tips For Vetting Cannabis Edibles Vendors

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Cannabis-infused food producers share advice for sourcing high-quality ingredients, maintaining steady supplies, and complying with tight regulations.


April 29, 2021

. Brooke Bilyj

New Africa; palomita222 | Adobe Stock

Cannabis-infused edibles present a tantalizing product opportunity for operators looking to expand the variety of options they offer. After all, procuring common baking ingredients can’t be nearly as difficult as cultivating a federally controlled substance like cannabis, can it?

In fact, manufacturing edibles can be a daunting supply chain challenge, even for cannabis companies that already have stringent quality controls in place. The complexity of sourcing high-quality ingredients from bulk suppliers, while complying with nascent regulations and industry best practices, can be convoluted.

“There’s some good, bad, and ugly associated with edibles production,” says Rob McCourt, vice president of Firelands Scientific, a vertically-integrated medical cannabis company in Huron, Ohio. “It’s good because edibles help round out other cannabis product options. The bad is the inconsistency that patients have experienced with edibles. And the ugly, of course, is the lack of harmonized rules around the ingredients. It’s often up to the producer to be transparent about certain inputs.”

Source: https://www.cannabisbusinesstimes.com/article/tips-for-vetting-cannabis-edibles-vendors/

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