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How Cannabis Extraction Companies Can Reduce Energy Costs

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How cannabis extraction companies can reduce energy costs

Published 3 seconds ago | By Bart Schaneman

(This is the fourth installment in an ongoing series offering tips and advice for marijuana and hemp extraction companies. The third installment is available here.)

Energy is one of the largest costs for any cannabis manufacturing facility, and power consumption is a large part of how the marijuana industry is having a negative impact on the environment and climate change.

Reducing energy use is top of mind for environmentally conscious cannabis extraction companies that want to operate in a sustainable manner.

To reduce power consumption and costs, extraction businesses can:

Run machines during off-peak hours when electricity prices are lower. Look for equipment that keeps power consumption in check. Operate using manufacturing environmental standards that reduce waste and increase efficiencies. “It’s not like we can pay less for energy, but being smart about it is super important,” said Ben Borque, executive vice president of Green Meadows Farm, a cannabis company based in South Bridge, Massachusetts. “It’s one of the top two costs.”

Peaks and troughs

It sounds simple enough: Don’t run cannabis extraction machines when the power costs the most.

But those hours are often during the middle of the day, when most people want to be at work and other parts of the supply chain are operating.

To run extraction machines in the middle of the night requires creative planning from a logistical standpoint, particularly in workforce management.

Source: https://mjbizdaily.com/how-cannabis-extraction-companies-can-reduce-energy-costs/

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