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Perks Of Using Feminized Autoflower Seeds For Your Cannabis Venture

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Many countries are legalizing the consumption and cultivation of cannabis, both for medicinal and recreational use. This has led to increased interest in marijuana as the cultivation keeps growing every year.

However, the choice of marijuana strain is vital in the cultivation of cannabis, and you have a wide range of options when it comes to the variety of seeds available. You can either go for, regular, feminized, or the autoflowering cannabis seeds. Feminized seeds are more popular and are the first choice for many growers across the world.

What are feminized seeds?

Feminized seeds are designed to produce female plants only. The seeds come from a process that alters normal seed development. The fact that male marijuana plants have pollen sacs rather than flowers makes feminized the best choice. Feminized genetics allow quick and easy development and auto-flowering.

Growers can decide how many bushes they want, grow that number of seeds and simply reap the harvests.

How are cannabis seeds feminized?

Although feminized cannabis seeds produce female-only plants, there are few male plants among them. That means the likelihood of male plants pollinating the females is minimized. There are various methods of generating feminized seeds.

The most popular method is stressing female cannabis plants. The process involves interrupting the lifecycle of the plant in the flowering phase. Stressing reduces hermaphroditism, but the technique is not 100% reliable.

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