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Celebrating Science On 420

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April 20 or 420, they go hand in hand – this slang term was created by a group of friends in 1971 known as the Waldos and was coined as they would often get together to consume cannabis around the time of 4:20pm. This term later grew in popularity within cannabis culture with the High Times featuring a mention of 4:20 smoking in May 1991 and a 4/20 holiday appeared, followed by the story of the Waldos in later issues.

Analytical Cannabis wanted to mark the day, by sharing some of our favourite cannabis content in bite-sized segments, for you to digest now or savour for later.

We hope you enjoy consuming these pieces and let us know if any of them hit it with you.

*(pardon the puns) Happy 420.

How Long Do Edibles Last?

It’s a question that is often asked - we imagine even more so on 420. This article answers the burning question ‘how long do edibles last?’ and also discusses what edibles are and how they compare to smoking [cannabis].

What is Synthetic CBD?

Many vitamins on today’s market are made synthetically, produced in a laboratory to be chemically identical to their natural counterparts. It’s no surprise, then, that CBD is the next industry set to be pulled into this synthetic revolution.

Your Brain on Edible Marijuana

Edibles are renowned for their strength relative to smoking cannabis. But just how strong is strong? Here's a quick look at the science of digestible marijuana. This serves as your warning.

How Long Does Cannabis Stay Fresh For? Scientists May Have the Answer.

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