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3 Reasons to Consider Light Dep in Cannabis

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Light deprivation can help greenhouse growers harvest year-round and produce plants even in the hottest climates.


April 18, 2021

. Gevin Gros

Kevin Carden; Azat Valeev | Adobe stock

Light deprivation, or light dep, is a powerful tool that provides greenhouse growers with the ability to flower cannabis plants year-round and in the hottest climates in places like Arizona and New Mexico.

Light deprivation is the practice of shortening or manipulating natural sunlight with the use of artificial controls like a blackout cloth. Blackout cloths are tightly woven materials designed to block any light from penetrating beneath its surface. The use of light deprivation technology allows you to maximize the yield per square foot of your greenhouse by increasing the number of harvests you can have in a year.

Shading cloths are another tool you can use to manipulate the amount of light your canopy receives. Similarly to blackout cloth, shade cloth is made of woven or meshed materials and filter various percentages of light from reaching the canopy surface. In combination with blackout cloths, shade cloths also can allow you to control the temperature and environment without using a massive amount of electricity, water, or any other costly resource.

While outdoor farmers are at the mercy of Mother Nature’s whims, greenhouses decked with blackout and shade curtains offer farmers the opportunity to leverage the sun while still generating multiple crops every year. Here’s how you can get the most from your structure.

Types of Systems

Source: https://www.cannabisbusinesstimes.com/article/light-deprivation-cannabis-cultivation-perpetual-harvest/

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