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Linked In Article By Asia Horizon Comments On China's Proposed Ban Of Cbd Cosmetics

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It’s hard to get any information out of China about anything in this day and age so we are grateful for this piece by. John R. Downs Executive Vice President at Asia Horizon

He writes…

This week has seen some big news coming from the Chinese regulatory authority regarding hemp-derived ingredients. The Chinese National Institutes for Food and Drug Control (NIFDC) announced that it is seeking to ban all hemp-derived ingredients in cosmetics in China, including hemp leaf extract, hemp seed oil, hemp kernel fruit, and CBD.

While this has caused a wave of panic from many watching the fledgling Chinese CBD industry develop, we do not think this is necessarily bad news. Counterintuitively, we see the announcement as a positive and believe it heralds the coming of more robust regulations, which might even include rules pertaining to the ingestion of CBD.

In short, we see the proposed ban as a promising sign of the industry growing up. The tactic of “ban and restart” has historically been used by the NIFDC and other regulatory authorities whenever consumer interest and rise in popularity of a product or service outpaces the Chinese authority’s ability to regulate that product, service, or industry.

Source: https://cannabislaw.report/linked-in-article-by-asia-horizon-comments-on-chinas-proposed-ban-of-cbd-cosmetics/

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