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Must-have 420 Accessories Based On Your Stoner Persona

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Must-have 420 accessories based on your stoner persona

Back in the day, besides your typical headshop bong, a few carved pipes, and the trusty joint, there weren’t too many other tools or ways to consume cannabis. But as the industry has evolved, so have the products in and around it, opening new opportunities for techy gadgets, yummy edibles, and smoking accouterments to cater to every kind of stoner.

From different ways you can consume hemp to 420 accessories that will help you be your best self, here’s a list of our favorites —based on the inner stoner you’re trying to connect with this 420.

Read through to find which 420 personality fits you best, or skip to your section. And don’t forget to use Leafly’s Guide to 420 for more 420-friendly tips.

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The flower child

You’re the type of stoner who can relate to everything 70s You regularly imagine what it would be like to chill at a Grateful Dead concert and roam the Californian coast in a revamped VW camper van. Your world is ruled by good vibes only and you cherish artisanal handicrafts (locally-sourced preferred). 

Meraki tips

There’s nothing like a good joint. You’ll appreciate these reusable, terpene-dipped wooden tips next time you roll—even more so knowing that you can throw them straight into the compost when it’s time. 

Houseplant Home collection

It seems Seth Rogen is in the middle of a creative evolution—from Hollywood actor to design director. We love his new line of flower and retro accessories, including this electric lighter. (Who uses plastic lighters anymore?)


Source: https://www.leafly.com/news/strains-products/must-have-420-accessories-based-on-stoner-persona

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