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The Top 7 Law Firms In Cannabis, According To Investors, Startups And Major Companies In The Booming Industry

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The top 7 law firms in cannabis, according to investors, startups and major companies in the booming industry

Cannabis companies in North America are engaged in an incredibly complex business.

They’re selling a substance that remains illegal on the federal level, even as it has become legal in some shape or form across many states in the US.

This often means seeking the advice of experts who can help companies follow laws and regulations, which are often in flux and vary from state to state. The industry’s growing size, expansion plans, and public-market debuts have only added to the complexity.

Enter law firms that are either geared specifically to the industry or that have developed teams to tackle the questions that arise from working in a market like no other.

Hoban Law – 3 votes

Hoban Law now has offices in the US, South America, and Europe Hoban Law Group

Founded: 2009

Involved in cannabis: 2009

Recommended by: Panther Opportunity Fund, Big Rock Partners, Salveo Capital

About: Hoban Law works exclusively in the cannabis sector and advises both cannabis and hemp companies in areas such as intellectual property, international law, policy, and finance.

Founded in 2009, the originally Denver-based law firm now has offices across the US as well as in South America and Europe.

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Source: https://hoban.law/2020/06/the-top-7-law-firms-in-cannabis-according-to-investors-startups-and-major-companies-in-the-booming-industry/

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