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3 Ways Cannabis Extraction Equipment Makers Are Innovating

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3 ways cannabis extraction equipment makers are innovating

Published 5 hours ago | By Bart Schaneman

(This is the second installment in an ongoing series offering tips and advice for marijuana and hemp extraction companies. The first installment is available here.)

Cannabis extraction equipment represents one of the most innovative sectors in the industry, with new products and constantly evolving techniques for processing raw plant material.

Among other areas, marijuana and hemp companies are developing:

Ways to combine extraction solvents. Novel winterization methods. Tools to refine the extraction process that have roots in the pharmaceutical industry.

1. CO2 joined with hydrocarbons

At Eden Labs, an extraction-equipment manufacturer based in Seattle, founder Fritz Chess is working on a machine that will combine the strengths of two common solvents – CO2 and hydrocarbon – for both marijuana and hemp companies.

The machines lessen the danger of the flammable propane by diluting it with CO2. Yet the technology also maintains hydrocarbon’s quicker throughput.

“It’s the best of both worlds,” Chess said.

It’s not quite as fast as using a simple butane or propane mix, but the process still creates an adequate terpene profile.

According to Chess, the market demand continues to grow for marijuana-derived terpenes in vape pens.

The natural terpenes can be used as a safe alternative to help “cut” the viscous extract rather than using a synthetic cutting agent such as propylene glycol.

Chess said more consumers are becoming aware of the importance of terpenes in vape products to create the entourage effect.

Source: https://mjbizdaily.com/how-to-make-innovative-cannabis-extraction-products/

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