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Drinking The Kool Aid: Why Is Mj Biz So Keen On The Cannabis Beverages Market ?

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One of our keen cannabis media readers sent us the following article by MJ Biz ( below) asking what the reason might be for their reading of the numbers from the latest Headset sales data & trends report

We shall call him little terrier…..

He writes…

Sales data and trends just released by Headset. Covers last 12 months, latest quarterly Adult-use Cannabis sales figures for California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon (incl. medical) and Washington state. COVID influence is apparent.

Of the alternative methods of consumption (Edibles, beverages, topicals, tinctures, capsules) the Beverages category displayed the most growth (68.4%) in year-on-year & quarter-by-quarter comparisons, continues to maintain an upward trend. (To put that in perspective – a trend in a category attracting 3% of the revenue compared to flower sales.)

All sales lifted after the introduction of COVID measures. Flower sales reached a peak in Q3 followed by a slight decline (1%) in growth by Q4. Flower sales grew 32% (US$245M) over the 12 months from Q1 20 (US$ 879M) to Q1 21 (US$ 1,124M)

Terrier than adds

Maybe it is, because there are no surprises in the data, that they embellish their articles with hyperbole.

It’d be click bait if it was in the title!

e.g. in their intro of the situation, speaking only in % growth “…

Retail sales data for California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington state – provided by Seattle-based analytics firm Headset – showed clear winners, including beverages, capsules and edibles.

The data also showed lackluster  sales performances for vapes, pre-rolls and flower…

Source: https://cannabislaw.report/drinking-the-kool-aid-why-is-mj-biz-so-keen-on-the-cannabis-beverages-market/

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