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Cryptopunks Owner Debuts New Nft Project Dubbed Meebits

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CryptoPunks Owner Debuts New NFT Project Dubbed Meebits

May 4 2021 · 18:48 UTC | Updated 3 hours ago by Benjamin Godfrey · 3 min read

Photo: Larva Labs Blog

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Larva Labs is looking to build a marketplace where owners of Meebits can easily trade their assets with one another, mimicking the market being designed to support CryptoPunks.

The brain behind the iconic CryptoPunks Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project, Larva Labs are pushing forth a new game-changing innovation Dubbed Meebits. As detailed in a blog post published by Larva Labs on Monday, the team noted that Meebits is a graduation from the 2D 8-bit-pixelated characters CryptoPunks were made of and are notably a 3D based Avatars.

“Writing a generator of voxel characters was a lot more challenging and involved than writing a 2D generator. We’ve been tinkering with voxel generation for a few years and are really proud of where we ended up,” said Larva Labs Co-Founders Matt Hall and John Watkinson. “There are lots of little details we hope you notice, including Autoglyphs-style generative tattoo patterns on certain Meebits. And there are some cool rare types of Meebits, but we will wait for the community to discover them rather than list them all here!”

As the team’s third NFT project, Meebits will feature a series of unique characters peculiar to each Meebit, giving rise to their rarity, and their eventual rise in valuation. Meebits will be tradable on the Ethereum blockchain, with hopes aspirations that they can be integrated into any games or avatar-supported humanoid platforms. This will help to increase the real-life functionality of the Meebits characters themselves.

Source: https://www.coinspeaker.com/cryptopunks-new-nft-project-meebits/

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