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March 8 2021: Statement €“ Norml Responds To Growing Calls To Re-criminalize Higher Potency Thc Products

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Here’s what NORML are saying on the issue

In response to recent calls to re-criminalize cannabis products containing elevated levels of THC in several states — including Colorado, Florida, and Washington — NORML is reiterating its opposition to these proposed legislative efforts.

Writing in a just-published op-ed, entitled “Just Say No to Arbitrary THC Potency Caps,” NORML’s Deputy Director Paul Armentano opines: “For decades, marijuana legalization opponents have claimed that the marijuana of their generation is far more potent, and therefore inherently more dangerous to society, than that of the past. Looking back, it is apparent that each of these previous generation’s claims were little more than pure hyperbole. Nonetheless, these claims had a lasting influence on marijuana policy — in many cases, leading directly to the passage of detrimental public policies that caused the undue stigmatization and criminalization of millions of citizens. The latest recycling of the ‘It’s not your parents’ pot’ claim is no different.”

He adds: “Higher potent cannabis products, such as hashish, have always existed. … Unlike alcohol — which is routinely sold in lethal dose quantities at liquor stores throughout America (e.g., a handle of vodka) — THC, regardless of potency or quantity, cannot cause death by lethal overdose. Currently, the United States Food and Drug Administration regulates the production and sale of dronabinol, a pill containing 100 percent THC. Several years ago, the agency rescheduled this drug from Schedule II to Schedule III because of its remarkable safety profile. … Consumer demand for these [state-legal] products is not going to go away, and re-criminalizing them will only push this consumer base to seek out similar products in the unregulated illicit market.”

Source: https://cannabislaw.report/march-8-2021-statement-norml-responds-to-growing-calls-to-re-criminalize-higher-potency-thc-products/

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