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Cannabis Sold Under License Costs Nearly Twice As Much As Product From Illegal Sources

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There is a lot of talk recently about the price of cannabis from dispensaries and online against the cost of buying weed from the street. It has been said that in Canada and other places that cannabis from a legal source is now almost double than that bought illegally.

Is it true that illegal cannabis is starting to look like the better option financially, and if so is that the best way to purchase your product? Is the picture a little more complicated than this, and might there be many other factors to consider other than price? 

Is it true that dispensary cannabis costs more?

Cannabis from dispensaries and from legal online sources has more often than not cost more than street-bought weed. There have certainly been fluctuations such as during the pandemic when street dealers doubled and even tripled their prices in some countries.

In January 2020 Statistics Canada reported that legal weed was now double the price of illegal cannabis. The cost of high-quality cannabis across the States differs quite dramatically. The average price is $319 an ounce but in Montana, it is around $266, while in the District of Columbia the price is a whopping $591.

What are the reasons then that legal weed is expensive compared to illegal, and is it worth paying that extra? 

Why is legal cannabis more expensive than street dealt weed?

Firstly, when weed became legal in many states it started to affect the street dealer’s business. So the street dealers dropped the price to help retain customers. 

There are other causes though including these:

Supply and demand State taxes Weight of purchase limited at dispensaries Bulking up/lacing of street cannabis Poor quality

Source: https://cannabislaw.report/cannabis-sold-under-license-costs-nearly-twice-as-much-as-product-from-illegal-sources/

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