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This Blockchain Can Scale To 100,000 Tps. Here’s What That Would Mean For You

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This blockchain can scale to 100,000 TPS. Here’s what that would mean for you

An all-in-one blockchain that can be configured as a public, personal, or enterprise platform makes the case that it is the fastest and most scalable platform on the market.

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A blockchain network delivers unlimited scalability and a record-breaking 100,000 transactions per second — features that could transform the way this technology is used.

ParallelChain, developed by Hong Kong-based blockchain startup Digital Transaction Limited, says it is the only blockchain platform in the market that has successfully solved the three major pain points of first-generation blockchains with no compromise: Scalability, speed, and security.

Its speed is probably the most significant of the three. At 100,000 TPS, ParallelChain is four times faster than Visa’s capability of 24,000 TPS. It is also much faster than other blockchains such as Polkadot, Cardano and Cosmos.

Meanwhile, ultra-low latency of 0.003 seconds on average gives ParallelChain the capability to power any internet or native application. Such infrastructure could deliver dramatic improvements for forex and crypto exchanges, which require huge bandwidth to process a gigantic influx of transactions — with some currently buckling under demand at peak times.

Its current throughput is set to improve twofold to 200,000 TPS when a second iteration of the network, ParallelChain 2.0, emerges in mid-2021.

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Source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/this-blockchain-can-scale-to-100-000-tps-here-s-what-that-would-mean-for-you

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