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How To Photograph Pot Like A Pro: A Handy Pot-pic Explainer

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Quality pot photography is a time-honored tradition at High Times. If you aspire to take professional-level photos of cannabis, don’t miss your opportunity to learn to shoot pot like a pro in this pot-pic explainer.

Tools of the Trade

Let’s start things off with some photography basics and then move on to setup, lighting and post-production techniques. Many believe that photography is all about the equipment, but I’m going to show you how knowledge can overcome a lack of gear. You don’t need to spend a small fortune to create quality photos.

Now, what will you need to shoot like a pro?

Camera (DSLR or mirrorless preferred) Lens Tripod Lights (strobes or continuous lighting with modifiers) Backdrops, tables, tents Computer and software Beautiful cannabis If you don’t own a camera, the first thing I’d recommend is coming up with a budget. If you plan on using the same camera for video, you might be able to justify spending a little more money. If you’re short on funds, I’d recommend an older DSLR. You can find some great cameras online, many of them barely used. You can also find amazing deals on lenses, lights and everything else you might need.

My Pixels Are Better Than Yours

Many people get hung up on megapixels, but the truth is you probably don’t need as many as you think. I have incredible pot photos taken back when DSLRs only came with six megapixels! That’s why even older 18-megapixel cameras are good enough to create large, detailed prints and fabulous internet posts.

Source: https://hightimes.com/guides/how-to-photograph-pot-like-a-pro/

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