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3 Undervalued Cannabis Companies

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Until now the cannabis industry and the stocks that have performed the best are the large companies with huge market caps. Investors have focused on these companies since their survival in the growing industry seems to be more likely than some of the smaller companies that are at risk of being crowded out.

Mid-sized companies have gone slightly under the radar, leaving them with reasonable valuations and offering investors a major opportunity if it’s taken soon.

As Canada moves toward the second wave of legalization, these mid-sized companies are poised to break out, especially in the coming months, as a lot of new capacity comes online with construction projects finishing.

Three mid-sized companies that are extremely undervalued and poised to be the next big producers are Green Organic Dutchman Holdings (TSX:TGOD)  Supreme Cannabis (TSX:FIRE), and Flowr  (TSXV:FLWR).

Green Organic Dutchman

TGOD is one of the best value plays in the cannabis industry. It has big plans and well-thought-out steps for the next two years to handle the rollout of what it is calling cannabis 2.0.

With the introduction of edibles in the retail market and new capacity coming online for TGOD, 2020 looks to be a big growth year. It expects to have more than 200,000 kg of capacity by 2021.

The company has a very strong research team working on innovative products to differentiate itself and its brands as well as grow its intellectual property. In addition, it has achieved complete organic certification to grow in its incredible state-of-the-art hybrid facilities.

Source: https://420intel.com/articles/2019/09/09/3-undervalued-cannabis-companies

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