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3 More Lethbridge Stores Receive Cannabis Licences - Lethbridge

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The retail marijuana landscape in Lethbridge, Alta., is looking a lot greener.

Three new licences have been approved for a trio of new stores within the city.

One of the new locations, called The Retail Cannabis Store, held a soft opening Monday afternoon, welcoming new customers.



“It’s been a long haul getting the store open… [We] faced a loss in revenue since we were held up from opening,” manager Austin Moloughney explained.

While several smaller southern Alberta towns outside of Lethbridge still don’t have cannabis stores, the numbers are growing within the city.

“All of the stores across Lethbridge are selling the same products from the same AGLC source and so we’re more on the same team rather in competition with one another,” Moloughney said.


The Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis commission now lists 256 licensed stores across the province.

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Source: https://globalnews.ca/news/5757337/lethbridge-stores-retail-cannabis-licence/

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